Masters Laser Gaming

On the 26th of April, 17 enthusiastic Master students went laser gaming at the Tapperij in Hengelo. One might think, laser gaming, isn’t that exhausting. So did we! Therefore, it was arranged that we could play 2 games of laser gaming and drink unlimited (alcoholic) drinks for 2 hours.
At 20:00 exactly, we went to get our first drinks, after which a few more followed. Games of pool were played while we waited for 20:30 for the first game of laser gaming to start.
At 20:30 we got explained everything about safety, after which teams were divided. 
After 15 minutes of chaos, Niels Hakkert came out on top with the most points, however, his team did not win.
Luckily, cold drinks could be ordered quickly after this exhausting experience.
Around 21:15, it was time to play the second and final game. Once again, Niels Hakkert ended on top!
The following 30 minutes were enjoyed while having a drink and sharing a talk.
Overall, it was a fun experience!