For Companies


Alembic organises multiple activities with companies throughout the year. These activities range from career oriented activities to more informal activities. The career-oriented activities are activities, such as lunch lectures, cases, the Chemical Company Fair, and the BranCHE Day. The other activities include things like drink lectures, company dinners, and other fun activities that are open for discussion. We also have our periodical called “The CaT” which is our magazine that we send to our members and alumni three times a year. Besides this, we also offer the option to sponsor our website. The companies can be promoted in the company slider which can be found at the right-hand side of every page, or under the company profiles page with a full description of what the company does and offers.

We are always looking for new partnerships. If your company is interested in any of these activities, please contact our Commissioner of External Affairs at . We look forward to working together!