Let's Get Chemical

Let’s Get Chemical, A podcast by Chemical Engineering students, for Chemical Engineering students in which different subjects will be discussed that might be exothermic for your thoughts and spark a reaction in your mind. In this podcast we will talk about subjects like activism amongst chemical engineering students, research done by our lecturers and other subjects that are related to the field of Chemical Science and Engineering. For these subjects we will invite fellow students, lecturers and other people related to that subject.

Let's Get Chemical



PhD Candidate & Old Board Member – Tim van Schagen

As our first guest, we have Tim van Schagen. The podcast is about his time at this university and what he did during these years, such as being active at Alembic, doing a PhD and being a member of a fraternity.

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Government Official – Bob Hengeveld

We are very excited to share that we are re-launching the podcast Let’s Get Chemical! Made for the Chemical Science & Engineering community. We will be sharing experiences that can help you clear out some questions you may have across your studies.
For our first episode, we have as a special guest, Bob Hengeveld! He tells us all about how he went from being a process technologist to becoming a government official. We take you on a journey from Enschede, all the way to San Francisco, and back to Utrecht. Addressing topics such as internships abroad, board years, industry life, and much more. Bob shows us how your degree is not a limitation for your future work field, and moreover, it gives you the tools to find and follow your purpose in life.
We welcome any questions and topic suggestions you may have, as this is made for you!
Get cosy during the break and enjoy this conversation. Let’s Get Chemical

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The next episode will arrive soon.