About Education


Besides being a sociable association, Alembic is mainly a study association. This means that the Commissioner of Educational Affairs together with the Educational Committee help students with their education and with their choices in this area. For example, information is given on all different CSE study groups or to help third year students to make a clear choice on which master they want to follow. Alembic also enables her members to order study books and supplies old exams to help students prepare for their exams. These exams can be found in the exam bank.

Furthermore, the study program has made a canvas page containing lots of information. If you are not yet enrolled click on this link. On this page, the study program shares information about the study with every student. This is information regarding, amongst other things, binding recommendation on continuation of studies (BSA), the available minors-semesters, the choice course in the third year of the bachelor, the study groups, the masters and everything with regard to examination.

If you have any questions regarding educational affairs or have a complaint or a point of improvement, please contact the Commissioner of Educational Affairs. For questions regarding UT student services, language courses, etc. We would like to refer to the Centre for Educational Support (CES) of the University.