Access Alembic Rooms


For some active Alembic members it is necessary to have access to the Carré building and to the rooms of Alembic. Those who can request access are shown below in a table. An explanation of how to request access is also given.

Access is only given to:

  • Board members
  • Members of the previous two boards
  • The study tour committee
  • The BorrelCie
  • The hEROs (BVH’ers)
  • The ASO
  • The KasCo
  • Editors of the periodical CaT 
  • Chairmen of some other committees (ask the board for more information)

Requesting access to Carré

  1. Send an email to , and explain why you request access and give your student number.
  2. The request is approved or disapproved by the board.
  3. When the request is approved, you can request access via SESAM.
  4. You can now access the Carré building with your student card.

Access to the Alembic rooms

  1. To access the Alembic rooms, you need a blue key.
  2. If you are authorised, you can borrow one in the board room or at the service desk in Hal B.
  3. Do not forget to activate the key at a charge point (left to the board room or at the service desk)
  4. You can now access the Alembic rooms.

If you have any questions regarding this process, you can always mail the board at the following email address or pass by the Alembic rooms and ask the board personally.