On the 28th and the 29th of April the annual Batavierenrace was held. This 175 km long relay race began at 22:30h all the way in Nijmegen. Our secretary, Kevin Smeele, started the first stage strong, running from the Grote Markt to the Sport Centre of the Radboud University. From there on the race continued deep into the night, each participant battling not only the elements, but also fighting to set a glorious time on the board. At roughly 6:00 in the morning, the restart in Ulft began and the night crew could finally take a break and get their well-deserved rest. Next up was the morning crew to run approximately 50 km all the way from Ulft to Barchem through the beautiful grasslands of the Achterhoek. The sun rose with them as they oversaw the long stretches of green, running – in true Achterhoek fashion – to smell of manure and cow droppings. At 11:00 in the morning it was finally time for the morning crew to lie down and let the afternoon crew finish what started many hours prior. The 18th stage of the 25-stage race started in Barchem with a shining sun, moderate temperature and the occasional cool breeze. The pleasant weather continued as the afternoon crew ran through the many country roads of the Achterhoek, taking them home to where they belong. The running continued, as the afternoon crew were taken along the esteemed Grolsch brewery and eventually ending at the Van Heekpark in Enschede, where finally the afternoon crew could rest as well. Here, at the relaxing Van Heekpark, the final restart would take place: one concluding stint ending at the U-track on campus. First was the female restart, run by the chairwoman of the 56th board of Alembic: Jeanine ter Horst. After setting a respectable time on the board, it was time for the male restart. This final stage of the race was run by none other than the Chairman of the 59th board of Alembic: Melle Fopma. Running in a full suit, the athlete went all out with his attire – as is tradition for the final stint. After running the final 6.3 km (and sweating more than you can see through the thick suit jacket) the Batavierenrace of 2023 had finally come to a close. It took ‘De Glorie van Twente’ a total of 16 hours, 59 minutes and 4 seconds to complete the 175 km run, putting us at a respectable 241st place. After all was said and done, the runners would go home, shower and recuperate, only to return in the evening for a joint barbecue together with our sister association form Eindhoven, Japie. All the participants of the Batavierenrace could enjoy a welcome meal together and share some beers. Lastly, at 20:00h the legendary Batavieren party started, where everyone could enjoy the biggest student party of Europe and dance deep into the night.

The SportCie would like to thank everyone who joined the Batavierenrace for their efforts and we hope to see many of you again next year!