Weet ik Veel

On the 19th of January, we with Alembic went to Hilversum to participate in the TV-Program Weet ik Veel. Here the common knowledge of all participating Alembic members was tested. The goal was to beat the BN-ers (Bekende Nedelanders = Famous Dutchies) in the program and if one of us would win there would be the Weet ik Veel drink.

Alembic started off great as after the first round Jeanine was on top and the top three were all Alembic members. The second round was a bit harder, but still, Alembic was on top. Only now Japie traded places with Jeanine. I am sure several people were already dreaming about the drink, which was also reflected in the scores, as some people did not have a good grade. After the third round, Japie was still on top.

Now it was time for the last two rounds. Unfortunately, these rounds were very hard and after the fourth round, no Alembicer was on top. Hopefully one of us could still make it after the fifth and final round. The fifth round was challenging, but did one of us win the quiz? Well, the answer is no. This was a small bummer. Overall it was fun to participate in this activity and to go with a big group of Alembicers to Hilversum and join this TV-program.