CIACie Integration Activity

On the evening of 16th of January, the CIACie integration activity was held. Here all members of the CDC committees of Alembic worked in teams to defeat the zombies. It all started when it was announced that a Zombie outbreak was happening. Each team now had to participate in several minigames to slowly get the cure for the last round.

Slowly all teams gathered in de TAP, where the last round would start. Here it was made clear if all teams could survive or not. As zombies came in wave after wave, it became much harder for the teams to survive. Unfortunately, after wave 6 no team survived. However, there was a winning team.

To celebrate the winning team and the activity, a drink was held in the TAP to celebrate this, and they won several Prizes. Overall, this was a very fun and well-organized activity, and the CIACie did a great job!