TAP Opening

It had been two full years since we last saw the TAP in its full glory and it is finally time to go back to this amazing place. Together with Arago and Astatine we wanted to open the TAP in a big way. We invited the faculty board and asked the dean, Jennifer Herek, to officially cut the ribbon together with TAP chairman Joep Meussen. Because it had been such a long time, we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the TAP without having the trouble of paying. The free beer flowed very quickly and also thanks to the faculty board we were able to enjoy it for most of the evening.

In the end it was a very successful evening and everybody enjoyed the nostalgia. With some beer relays and fun talks together with the other associations we are glad to see the Triple-A reunited in the TAP and we hope to have many drinks for the coming time.