Recap of September

Recap of September

Summer has ended recently and the first month of the academic year has flown by. We hope you all had a great warming up during the Kick-In and are all rested to start studying again! If there is anything Alembic can help with, just drop by the board room and we are delighted to help you!

There were a lot of nice activities, so it’s time for a quick recap. 

First, we started with the board change GMA, where the 59th board was officially done with their board year. We want to thank the 59th for a great year and all their efforts during 2022-2023!

Besides this, the 60th board was officially constituted, to celebrate this we also had a constitution drink. Thanks to everyone that joined the drink to congratulate us. Especially thanks to all of the padellers in the wall to defend us!

At the end of the month there was a committee market and the GameCie organized a Murder Mystery activity.