Coronavirus Policy [September 1st, 2020]

At this moment the university is open for students to study and take physical classes. Alembic is open for short questions in the door entrance, but can also be asked on the Alembic discord server or by sending a message to the board smartphone.

The maximum allowed of working people is 2 in the boardroom (CR 3029) and 5 people in the relaxroom (CR 3025/CR 3027). Tea or coffee can be picked up in the relaxroom by 1 person at a time, but keep in mind the 1.5-metre distance. The same holds for snacks in the boardroom.


For the homebase in front of the association rooms of Alembic, Arago and Astatine hold that the 1.5-metre rule needs to be followed as well. When this doesn’t happen, the homebase can be closed.