BigCie Activity

On the 25th
of May, Alembic and Astatine had an integration activity together with 50
members from study association Di-Et-Tri from Wageningen. The study association
consists mainly of female members, which is why they have an integration
committee, the BigCie, for organizing integration activities with male dominated study
Around 20:30, they arrived at Enschede Centraal, after which they went to Bar
Update in the city center. We enjoyed some beers while playing a game meant for
integrating. The women from Di-Et-Tri got a question which they had to pair to
an answer, which was given to the men from Alembic and Astatine. This allowed
for a fun way to interact and integrate. After about an hour, it was time to
move on to Friends. Even more beers were enjoyed while some people even entered
the podium to examine the stripping pole, maybe even show some (pole) dance
moves on it.
Lastly, we went to Aspen Valley to end the night. We were welcomed nicely with welcoming
shots, after which everyone enjoyed the remainder of the night.
We integrated a lot, meaning that the night was a great success!