Educational Evaluation

Educational Evaluation


Within the studies Chemical Science and Engineering (CSE) and Chemical Engineering (ChE) the education is evaluated in several ways. In this evaluation the opinion of every student is taken in high regard, so that the study can continuously be improved. Both the educational organisation and Alembic offer these evaluations. Below this general introduction, several institutions that are connected to the evaluation of our education are explained.


The Onderwijs Kwaliteit Commissie (OKC-ST) (Educational Quality Committee) consists of the coordinator quality control from the cluster Science & Technology Henk van den Hengel, Leonie Krab and a few students. This committee asks the students for their input on the quality of their education in three ways;

  • Student panel interviews
  • OKC-web evaluations
  • Teacher panel interviews

These evaluations take place after each quartile. In the student panel interviews, students can give their opinion on, for example, their subjects, the guidance, the exams and the facilities. Next to that, students can provide their opinion in web evaluations. Finally, students and teachers are invited to the teacher panel interviews. The teachers can ask for an explanation to the issues found in the earlier evaluations and the students have another chance to deliver input on the quality of their education.


The Thematisch Overleg Scheikundig Technologen in Spé (TOSTIS) (roughly translated: Thematic Consultation Future Chemical Engineers) is organized by the EduCo (Educational Committee) halfway every quartile. During the lunchbreak the educational quality of that quartile is evaluated and a discussion takes place on a certain theme. From every year of students, their subject and their general education are evaluated. As the name suggests, the EduCo also delivers delicious tostis (grilled cheese sandwiches) to everyone present. The see the other activities of the EduCo, view them in the committee section under “association”.

Commissioner of Educational Affairs

When you have a complaint concerning educational affairs, you can contact the Commissioner of Educational Affairs of Alembic. They will always try to solve your problems or help you to contact the correct person that can help you. To contact them, you can walk by the Alembic rooms or mail them at education*!