Teijin Aramid

Teijin Aramid

Teijin Aramid is a subsidiary of the Teijin Group with a passion for aramid. Our commitment to both our product and our customers has made us a world leader in the field of aramid. Wherever strength, durability, safety, heat resistance or low weight is required, that is where you will find Twaron®, Sulfron®, Teijinconex® and Technora® – our high-quality aramid fibers. They can be found across the world, in many different applications and markets, such as automotive, ballistic protection, marine, civil engineering, protective clothing, optical fiber cables, and oil & gas. In the Netherlands, we have plants in three locations: Delfzijl, Emmen, and Arnhem. Our headquarters and a large research center are also located in Arnhem. With our four high-performance aramid fibers – produced in our plants in the Netherlands and Japan – we offer a wide range of products. And with our unprecedented knowledge and experience, we are able to work continuously on new innovations, often in close collaboration with our customers and partners through our worldwide sales and marketing organization. That is the ‘power of Aramid’. Teijin Aramid is also firmly rooted in society. With four locations in the Netherlands and a large number of sales offices across the world, we are very conscious of the world in which we produce our aramid fibers. We therefore ensure that we are engaged with and aware of our surroundings, always working safely and with respect for the environment.

About the Teijin Group
Teijin Aramid is part of the Teijin Group, a global, technology-driven group operating in five main areas: synthetic fibers (polyester, carbon and aramid fibers); films and plastics; pharmaceuticals and medical appliances; wholesale and retail; and IT and new products. Teijin Limited, the holding company of the Teijin Group, is listed on the stock exchanges of Tokyo and Osaka. The organization employs 19,453 people in 169 companies worldwide. For more information, visit https://www.teijin.com/.

Our passion is in every fiber
Our aramid is stronger than steel, heat-resistant, and already knows more applications than would fit onto this page. The possibilities of aramid are endless, which is what makes it so special. We develop new products together with our customers, because we believe that the best solutions are co-creations. Thanks to their unique characteristics, our aramid products make for stronger, safer and more sustainable applications in many different areas. For example, aramid is used in brake discs, car tires, ropes and cables, as well as in bridges, bullet-proof vests, optical fiber cable networks and sail yachts.

We also collaborate within our organization. For instance, our researchers, process technologists, and marketing and sales colleagues are continuously working on new, special solutions for our customers. We do this together, allowing for people’s own initiatives and entrepreneurship. And we do it with passion, every single day. That is where our strength lies. Could it be yours, too?

At Teijin Aramid, the way you develop depends on you
People who work at Teijin Aramid form part of a stable, healthy organization, one that makes a clear global contribution to sustainability and safety. We frequently have openings for highly motivated graduates in technology and chemistry who have a passion for aramid and an ambition to work at the forefront of technological developments. For our headquarters and research institute in Arnhem and our production locations in Arnhem, Emmen and Delfzijl, we are always on the lookout for good trainees and starters. Are you passionate about technology and keen to contribute to a better world? If so, visit www.teijinaramid.com for more information, or call or email one of our recruiters to discover how you can make a flying start at Teijin Aramid!

For traineeships and job vacancies, go to http://www.teijinaramid.com/nl/werkenbij/