Alembic Prom

The GalaCie has kept themselves busy this year by organizing the Alembic prom that took place on the 8th of March. This year, however, it was not only an Alembic prom, but an Alembic-Communiqué prom, as the GalaCie worked together with S.A. Communiqué to make this evening happen. The members of both associations managed to completely fill Rico Latino, where the prom was held. But don’t you worry, there was still plenty of space for people to dance to the live music. And luckily, everyone had become a dance expert as the GalaCie had organized a dance workshop just a few weeks prior. Needless to say, the prom was a huge success with plenty of drinks being consumed, a lot of pictures being taken and many smiles all around the room for the entire night.