Newsletter Faculty Board

A few months ago, on November 23th, the previous edition of Project S&T about Mental health and Hybrid education took place. Quite some students, spread over the faculty, showed up to have fruitful discussions. The discussions have been summarized and shared with the Faculty Board, Program directors and Study advisors. The full summary is available via the commissioner of education of your study association. Still, below, the highlights are pointed out together with the actions that have been taken until now. 


Hybrid education:

Students appreciate studying on campus, especially in tutorials, practicals, project work and self-study. About lectures, the opinions were different. However, the joint vision is the existence of a big difference between physical and online/hybrid teaching, mainly in students’ attention span. Lecturers should be more aware of this when creating online/hybrid lectures.


Mental health:

In the discussions became clear that a lot of students are not aware of the universities’ organizations concerning mental health. Besides, the existing organizations are hard to find for students. Lastly, students get confronted with massive waiting lists when contacting the student psychologist. Students would like to be more aware of the existing organizations and initiatives. Also, students would value activities about Mental Health and community building.



After sharing the summary within the faculty, it became clear that not all bodies were aware of these problems, especially the ones on Mental Health. Program directors have been appointed to the current hybrid/online education situation and the lack of some facilities. Next to that, members of the faculty board have had a meeting with SACC (Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling) about the findability of mental health initiatives. Thanks to that, SACC is aware of the problems, and the university’s website is already updated. There are now hyperlinks about well-being on several spots, referring to the “Are you okay?”-page. The faculty board members also had a meeting with the department of M&C (Marketing & Communication) that focuses on well-being. Continuing on this, further steps will be taken in the future, on which the commissioner of your study association will stay updated!


New date!:

On May 3rd, the next edition of Project S&T will take place. From 14:00 till 16:00, you are invited to talk about how you were invited and welcomed to this university with a free drink afterwards. The exact location will follow soon.