Alembic Merchandise


Alembic has a wide range of merchandise, which can be seen below. The amount of merchandise has been expanded greatly over the last years. Do you want to have an Alembic sweater, or wear an Alembic tie during the yearly constitution drink? Come by the Alembic boardroom and ask a board member if they can help you.

If you have a great idea for a new piece of Alembic merchandise that is not yet available, put your idea in the good idea box, in the member’s room, or by mailing to or by sending a message via WhatsApp to the board smartphone, log in to see the number..

Face mask | €3,50

During times of corona, you are obliged by the government to wear a face mask to prevent the spread of the virus. Of course, has your favorite board thought of this, and she designed these wonderful face masks which you can pick up for only 3 euros and 50 cents in the boardroom.

Tie | €8,00

During the annual Alembic constitution drink the new board will be celebrated. During this amazing drink all her members will be present to enjoy the free beer. Furthermore, you can help the board by signing up for "pedellen" but for this an Alembic tie is of course mandatory. So get one in the boardroom asap.

Sweater | €10,84

Winter is coming!! Warm your heart with this awesome Alembic sweater, designed by the 56th board. For less than 11 euros you can survive the winter months with this sweater. Available in the sizes: S, M, and L.

Sunglasses | €2,22

Has the sweater become too warm for you and did the sun start to shine. It is probably time for the summer, which means that it is time for sunglasses.

Socks | €6,00

Don't forget to wear socks in your shoes, otherwise, you might start sweating again. For this, we have beautiful Alembic socks. With the stile full Alembicjes and of course her slogan: "De Glorie van Twente". The socks are available in sizes S, M and L.

Braces | €27,00

Do you have problems with your trousers falling off? Is drinking lots of beer not helping the problem, or is it making it even worse? We have the solution. Buy the Alembic braces now in the boardroom, and you will never have to walk with your trousers at half-past 10 anymore.

Bow tie | €13,50

At the Alembic galas, everyone is wearing a bow tie. If you want to stand out against the lazy people that use the standard, pre-tied white bow tie that comes with your Gents "penguin suit", you can buy a bow tie from Alembic. Disclaimer: You have to tie it yourself and the bow tie ain't forgiving.

Chocker | €9,00

For all the ladies that do not want to wear a tie during formal occasions, we didn't forget about you. For you, we have the chocker.