Candidate Board Update

Candidate Board Update

The candidate 57th board is also busy getting into what the board life is all about.

Chairman - Gerard Groot Obbink

My name is Gerard Groot Obbink, currently doing the eighth module of our beautiful study. I am 20 years old. My home town is Eibergen, it is a small village not that far from Enschede. Now I live in a student house on the campus. Here I spend all my time during this weird period of uncertainties.

It’s been already two weeks since the candidate board announcement. It was a great start of my candidate chairman period. Although the next morning was not that easy since I had to start by cleaning my bathroom. Quite quick after the candidate board announcement, I made my first appointment with Jeanine to start the training period. Together with Jeanine, I went to the OS GMA and after that, I was also invited to go to the chairmen outing. Here I met some other candidate chairmen of our brother association.

Next to the candidate 57th board had its first meeting. We started full of energy and the atmosphere in the group is good.

With glorious greeting,

Gerard Groot Obbink

Secretary - Niels Loman

Dear Alembicers,

It has been two weeks since the candidate 57th board is announced through discord. We hope you all enjoyed our video. I really enjoyed the evening in the virtual Vesting Bar. We’ve spoken a lot with old boards and members.

I will introduce myself for the people who do not know me. I am Niels Loman, 20 years old and come from a small village in the Achterhoek, where I live on a farm. I really enjoy the small festivals and the tent parties in the villages around there. I live for over a year on campus now. My hobbies are playing football, scouting and playing games.

After the announcement I have been busy with making sure that individual and shared agenda’s for the candidate board members are shared with each other, so we can plan activities like coffee dates and meetings. I have had a working moment with Jeannet, to become more familiar with my tasks for the upcoming year. Further I am planning some coffee dates with (candidate) boards of brother associations and I took minutes at our first candidate board meeting. We made our first steps with the policy plan for next academic year.

I hope to see you all after summer at the Alembic rooms in Carré.

Kind regards,

Niels Loman

Treasurer - Jordi Boon

Hello everyone, first of all for everyone that doesn’t know me yet I’ll introduce myself. I am Jordi Boon I’m 20 years old and I was born in Venhuizen, a small village in the western part of the Netherlands. I’m currently following module 8a Process design. 

Although the Candidate Board announcement had to be done via Discord instead of in the Vesting Bar I still enjoyed the evening. I really liked the conversations with the faculty, old boards and some other members who came to congratulate us. But when Jeannine decided that we had had enough time with a group the conversation was quickly ended with a shot of Ouzo, but this resulted in me leaving the evening somewhat earlier than the rest and this also affected my Tuesday morning. That day I decided to never drink alcohol ever again in my life, at least for a month.

Currently I am being thought by Tim B. how to be the Treasurer of C.T.S.G. Alembic. 

With kind regards,

Jordi Boon

Commissioner of External Affairs - Friso Nieuwenhuijse

Hey everybody!

First something about who I am for those who don’t know yet. I am 21 years old and the oldest among the candidate board. I am like the rest of us in my second year of Chemical Science and Engineering, but I currently follow some subjects from module 4. Besides studying, I play lacrosse in Utrecht and play for both the adult National Team and the National Team under 20 years old (which I can despite being already 21 due to some dispensation rules). I have 4 siblings two little brothers and two little sisters (twins). If you want to know anything else about me, you can always ask me.

Two weeks have past already since the candidate board announcement and what a time it has been (even though I can’t remember the last hour or so from that evening). In the past two weeks I’ve had my first appointment with Jelle to learn some of the starting principles that I as a Candidate Commissioner of External Affairs need to know. This was for example learning more about Perfect View and reading through the company leaflet to see what Alembic has to offer.

Besides that I also had a meeting with Jelle and Jacob (the external affairs of the KIKSTart) to set up a contract with a Covid-19 clause for the sponsoring companies to discuss what will happen with the money that the KIKSTart gets from these companies in case the Kick-In can’t take place in its original fashion.

I can’t wait to learn more about what it means to become a Commissioner of External Affairs and about becoming a Board member as a whole.


Friso Nieuwenhuijse

Commissioner of Educational Affairs - Jarno Sweers

Dear Alembicers,

First I will introduce myself to the people that don’t know me. I’m Jarno Sweers and will be the Commissioner of Educational Affairs of the 57th board C.T.S.G. Alembic. I’m in my second year of the bachelor Chemical Science and Engineering. Next to my study, I’m busy with committees and scouting during the weekends. And I enjoy cooking for and with my housemates. I’m always in to try something new.

When I heard that I will be on the next board I was very enthusiastic. During the weekend we had a lot of fun with receiving the audio files of the 56th board and combining all videos together.

Our candidate board announcement was different than usual but was still very great to do. People were very creative with brassen items of the candidate board. I enjoyed the conversation with some of the previous boards and some other Alembicers. I hope you enjoyed it as well.

For my function as Commissioner of Educational Affairs, I have had a meeting with the study advisors of our study and Jurrie. Next week I will have a meeting with Jurrie to get to know the first ins and outs of the function. Further, I will join some meetings that are related to the education of CSE. Also, we had our first meeting with the candidate board.

I hope that I will see or speak to you soon. I’m available for questions if you have them, feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

Jarno Sweers

Commissioner of Internal Affairs - Maarten de Groot

A few weeks ago I finally heard I was going to be on the next candidate board of this amazing association, after waiting for a month. One weekend we needed to keep it quiet, in which we were kept busy by the current board. The candidate board announcement was different, but still lots of fun. One by one different groups came by to congratulate us. With this of course came a toast, often accompanied by one two shots.

Currently, I, just like the rest of my candidate board, am getting to know the role I will be playing in our association the coming year. While Tim is showing me the tricks of the trade I’m also chairing the KIKSTart and the FYCo, while juggling the 8th module on the side.


Maarten de Groot