The goal of the training committee (TraCey) of Alembic is giving various trainings for members of Alembic, both related to the study program and for personal development. Several skills that are required during the study program but are not included in the curriculum, like how to have efficient project meetings or how to give a presentation are being taught. Trainings are also given on how to operate computer programs like Excel, Word and LaTeX. Trainings on personal development are mostly aimed at the future career of students, so they include how to make a CV or Linked-In profile and how to behave during a job interview. Once a year the committee gives a less serious training like a wine tasting or a massage training.

The current TraCey consists of the following members: 

  • Jarno Sweers (chair)
  • Gerard Groot Obbink
  • Jurrie Bruggeman
  • Jip Hoogland
  • Jeannet Schroten
  • Lieke Pieters
  • Lotte van der Terp
  • Lars Elstrodt
  • Tim Bekius
Board contact person: Jip Hoogland