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Alembic Activities
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For all future first-year students there is the Kick-In, the introduction at the UT, at the end of the summer holidays. During the Kick-In the new students will meet each other and learn about the university, the cities Enschede and Hengelo and a lot more. Also, the study will be the main subject in some of the days.


The Chemical Science and Engineering-specific part of the Kick-In is organised by the KIKSTart. The KIKSTart organises fantastic and fun activities during which everyone will get to learn about the educational program and get to know their new fellow students. During the general part of the Kick-In, the KIKSTart will also be present to guide the new students and to provide them with all the necessary information. Due to COVID-19, the Kick-In will take place in a slightly different way than usual but the KIKSTart is doing their best to make your introduction as memorable as possible.

After the Kick-In, the KIKSTart also organises the Kick-Out in the spring. This is a weekend at an external location where everyone can enjoy the Kick-In feeling one last time.

The KIKSTart 2020 consists out of:

Maarten de Groot – Chairman
Jarno Sweers – Secretary
Niels Loman – Treasurer
Jacob Franssen – External Affairs
Friso Nieuwenhuijse – Logistics
Gerard Groot Obbink – Quizmaster

If you want to know more about the KIKSTart, their theme, the faculty Kick-In or the do-groups, check out their website!

The KIKSTart 2021 consists out of:

Lieke Pieters – Chairman
Maarten Duikersloot – Secretary
Jochem Schuerman – Treasurer
Daan Lankveld – External Affairs
Kevin Smeele – Logistics
Charlotten van Reijen – Quizmaster

Old sites can be found by https://alembic.utwente.nl/kick-in/[year].

E-mail: KIKSTart(at)alembic.utwente.nl
Board contact person: Jordi Boon