The career orientation committee, or COCo for short works together with the Commissioner of External Affairs to organize career orientation activities for the members of Alembic, for example, lunch lectures and excursions. During a lunch lecture, a company or other institution sends a spokesperson to give a presentation while you enjoy a delicious free lunch. During an excursion, a group of students visits a factory or research centre to get a taste of the career options available. 

After a year of organizing career orientation activities, the committee will organize a short abroad journey to a city in Europe. At the chosen destination the participants will visit multiple companies, research institutes and universities.

The current COCo consists of the following members:

  • Joep Elfrink (chairman)
  • Xiaoyu Cao (vice-chairman)
  • Chaksu Turki
  • Melle Fopma
  • Mario van der Wal

Board contact person: Joep Elfrink