The CaT is the magazine of the study association, all interesting and new events regarding Alembic will be in here. It is also filled with articles about recent developments in the field of chemical engineering, and there is also an amusing fictitious article about for example ‘El Flotador’. The professors of the university are also regularly interviewed, resulting in nice articles.

The CaT has three editions per year and is delivered to all current members. All articles are written by the redaction, consisting of student members of Alembic with a passion for writing, The CaT is open for everyone to write an article.

The editors-in-chief are Jarno Sweers and Lars Elstrodt

The editorial office consists of Andrea d’Silva, Casper van Dongen, Charlotte van Reijen, Jelte van der Zwaag, Marija Kos,  Mario van der Wal Agraz, Melle Fopma and Thomas Kool

Other members of the redaction are Chaksu Turki and Tim Schuttevaer.

You can read The CaT here!

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Board contact person: Lars Elstrodt