Coronavirus Policy [November 22, 2021]

On the 12th of November the government announced new Corona measures. The new policy included a maximum capacity of 75 people for lectures and earlier closing times for drinks (20:00). It is also mandatory to wear masks when moving from room to room but it is still possible to visit the association rooms for coffee and tea or to just relax on the couch. Unfortunately some activities had to be cancelled but everybody is working hard to organise new activities within the regulations. For now it is still possible to join VriMiBo’s so feel free to join us at the Stek! If you have any other questions regarding the Corona Policy, do not hesitate to ask the board.

Furthermore, there are several things that can be picked up at the relaxroom, such as old editions of The CaT, a scarf for Kick-In 2020 participants, old photos from the photo board, personalised mugs, etc. You can also relax with some coffee, tea or a snack on the couches of course.