Electrical energy to value added fuel: A Plasma-Catalytic approach.

The increasing share of intermittent renewable electricity production leads to operational challenges in the electric power sector. Storage will be needed to ensure an efficient and reliable operation of the electric power system. Power to Gas (P2G) technology can use this excess electricity to produce renewable H2 via water electrolysis. Here, at CPM, we are developing efficient catalysts to covert renewable H2 into CH4 using water gas shift and methanation reaction. We have developed Ru/CeO2 and Ni/CeO2 catalysts so far, with different morphology of CeO2 (namely cubes, rods and octahedra). Main focus is aimed at synthesis, characterization, activity and stability of catalysts. This project demands the good knowledge of both Chemistry and Chemical engineering. Student can acquire a good experience in chemical science by developing variety of catalysts and there characterization. Catalyst testing on Plug Flow Reactor (PFR) will be very helpful in understanding the fundamental aspects of chemical engineering like transport and diffusion phenomena, reactor engineering, and thermodynamics.

Contact person: Tushar Sakpal e-mail: t.sakpal(at)utwente.nl