Secretary – Jarno Sweers

Secretary - Jarno Sweers

Dear coming First-Year students,

Wonderful that you found our website. Did you already sign up for the amazing Kick-In and the faculty Kick-In? KIKSTart 2020 wants you to have a great time during these eight days. During the Kick-In you will grow and get to know a lot of new people. Make a unique connection between your fellow students. This experience will not be the same as your time during the study. So, do not hesitate to enrol for the total Kick-In.

My name is Jarno, and I am 21 years young. At the moment I am living in Enschede, but my parents’ house and where I was born is in Amersfoort. Like all the other KIKSTart members am I in the second year of the study Chemical Science and Engineering. As a member of C.T.S.G. Alembic, I joined several committees and also the KIKSTart. Next to my study, I try to be creative with wood or other amazing materials.

For the KIKSTart of 2020, I am the secretary and I will answer questions that you may already have. During the Kick-In you can ask me as well as the total KIKSTart questions regarding the study or the Kick-In. If you already have some questions, you can send a mail to and I will answer it as good as possible.

Secretary - Jarno Sweers

Jarno Sweers

KIKSTart 2020