Program Staff

Program Staff

For the program of Chemical Science and Engineering, a couple of people are important. These people can help you during your time of studying at the university. These people are André ten Elshof, Nienke Oesterholt, Pepe Veugelers, Erna Brus, Leonie Krab and Alexandra Elbersen.

André ten Elshof

Programme director Chemical Science and Engineering; Professor of Inorganic Nanomaterials Chemistry

My picture is on this page because I am the proud director of the Chemical Science and Engineering programme. But you may also meet me in other capacities: I teach inorganic chemistry and materials science in modules 1 and 3, and chemistry of nanomaterials in the master ChE. And as a scientist, I like to work together with students from CSE and other programmes to develop exciting new materials for our 21st-century society. You can find me on the 3rd floor in Carré within one of my 2 offices: in CR 3017 (as CSE director), which is located very close to the Alembic room and Home Base, or in CR 3249 (as a professor). You can also contact me by email at My advice to you for this year: work hard and make friends!

Andre ten Elshof

Nienke Oesterholt

Study Advisor BSc Chemical Science and Engineering

As a study advisor, I am the first contact person for all study-related questions. Together with your mentor, I support you during your bachelor programme. You can talk with me about study or personal problems. Our meetings are confidential.

Feel free to make an appointment if you need advice on study planning or information about studying with disabilities. I listen to you, can give advice and if this it’s necessary, I can help you find a suitable form of support at our university.

You are welcome in my office on the 3rd floor in Carré in nearby the Alembic room. You can also contact me by email: or schedule a meeting in the TNW planner: My advice for you: if you can let your thoughts, problems or concerns remain a butterfly, they will never become an elephant.

Pepe Veugelers

Secretary Board of Examiners Chemical Science and Engineering; Lecturer

You will probably meet me first in my position as a teacher: I am responsible for three first year practicals and teach Thermodynamics in the second module. However, the reason that I am on this page is my position as secretary of the Board of Examiners. The main task of the BoE is ensuring the quality of examinations and final examinations. To this purpose, the BoE has established a set of rules, the “Rules of the Board of Examiners”. From the main task, a number of more detailed tasks have been derived.

Relevant for you as a student is for example:

  • Granting exceptions to the Rules of the BoE
  • Granting exemptions for taking examinations
  • Impose sanctions for fraud
  • Granting permission to start a minor, BSc-assignment or MSc-assignment
  • Issuing of certificate and diploma supplement
  • Granting the designation ‘with distinction’ (Cum Laude)

For these and other purposes, you can file a request to the BoE, which should be sent to the Educational Affairs Office ( Many of the standard requests will be processed by me, but others have to be treated in the meetings of the BoE, which are approximately once every two months. I hope you enjoy the practicals! For the content and for the opportunity to meet your fellow students. Prepare them well to get the best out of them!

Erna Brus

Educational Affairs Office

I am an employee of the Educational Affairs Office, popularly known as BOZ (Bureau Onderwijszaken). I make sure that the exam programs and your courses are properly registered in Osiris.

Besides that, I give support to the exam committee and the program committee. And in the end, when you are finished with your bachelor program, I will make sure that a nice diploma is waiting for you. You can contact me by emailing me at or drop by in the Citadel 332. And please remember: the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.

Leonie Krab

Programme Coordinator BSc Chemical Science and Engineering; Lecturer; Mentor

I coordinate the programme (and modules 11 and 12), which includes among other things making sure that you, at the right time, obtain all relevant information about the programme. If all goes smoothly, you may not see me that often. However, you will certainly meet me in workshops that are aimed at developing your essential skills, like writing an academic text (in proper English), effective teamwork, cooperation in groups with diverse people, problem-solving, critical thinking, etc. My home-base is Carré 3019.

To get the most out of your time with us, I suggest you ask a lot of questions, even if that is outside your comfort zone. Prepare well. If you want to develop yourself, things will not always be easy, yet you need some resistance to grow… Talk to your mentor to discuss your struggles and to get advice – we are all experienced and here to help you on your journey towards your BSc degree. I wish you an educational and joyful study time, amongst new friends!

Alexandra Elbersen

Study Adviser and Programme Coordinator MSc Chemical Engineering

In 2006, I thought studying Chemical Science & Engineering in the Netherlands (originally, I’m from Germany) at the University of Twente might be a good idea, and here I am, still in Enschede (never regret my decision by the way, I love it here!). I’m the study adviser and programme coordinator for the Master’s programme Chemical Engineering. 

If you have any questions about the master’s or if you just need someone who is listing to you and Nienke is not available, please come by! You can find me in the Carré, room 3.015B (next to Nienke)! My advice to you? Study hard and make the most of it! I made friends for life during my studies and learned so much more than just everything I wanted to know about Chemical Engineering! Take your studies seriously, but also enjoy every minute of it! And if you encounter any problems? Don’t hesitate to ask for help!


Down below the buildings of the program staff are shown. During your time at the university, you will become more about all the locations of the campus, but these are already two of them.