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Dear first year students,

In the coming years, you will get to know the university, where the lecture rooms are, where our study association is located, how to get coffee, but also where the TAP is located. The TAP is the drink room of our association which we share with Applied Physics and Advanced Technology. Every other week on Thursday, the TAP is open from 17:00 till late. In that time, you can order drinks, a whole range of beers or sodas, from the BorrelCie. These shining knights in red shirts make all this possible, so be sure to thank them at the end of the night ;D. The bartenders in red are trained carefully to make sure you get your beer or soda as quickly and neatly as possible. All in all, the regular drink on Thursday is the perfect place to relax already a little for the weekend and discuss the past week with your study mates. Or to forget all about it, if you had a pretty bad exam. A last piece of advice, don’t turn your back to the bar. You might get a little wet surprise if this happens.

Good luck with your studies and see you soon in the TAP!

Wisse Hersbach
XIIIe Borrelbestuur
‘Op den Volgende!’