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Committee Quiz



Dear first years,

In this kick-in you will take your first steps towards a great student life. One of these steps is to join a committee of Alembic. By joining a committee you will learn new skills, such as financing and management, and you will also help the association. In our own kick-in we joined the parents day committee (PaCo) and we are glad we did. As the PaCo you will organise a day where you show your parents what a great study you chose. The schedule of the day is completely up to you. Together with your fellow committee members (including us) you will fill the day with several activities to let your parents experience a day in the life of a chemical science and engineering student. Now the only thing you have to do to is sign up.
We will see you soon, and if you have any question don’t hesitate to ask! 

Kind regards,
Jochem Schuerman & Joep Elfrink 
Parents day committee