Committee Quiz CAT

Committee Quiz



Hello future students!

The CaT is the committee responsible for the magazine of our association. The members within this committee fullfill all kinds of different rolls. We have our ever sharp-witted interviewers and our writers who really know a way with words. The curious and creative minds that come up with the best subjects for articles. Our spelling checkers with the greatest eye for detail. And last but not least, the editors, perfectionists with an unmatched sense for style. All together a very versatile committee. And with only three editions a year, you’ll have plenty of time to pursue other activities as well. 

Are you’re intrested in working with or improving any of the skills above? 

Then make sure to join the first writers evening of this year and contribute to a magazine with over 800 readers!

Jeanine ter Horst
Editor-in-chief CaT