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Committee Quiz



Are you interested in programming and working with IT-services? Then the ASO might be the committee for you! The servers of the study association Alembic hosts important services such as the exam bank, the enrolment list and the website. The ASO is responsible for the maintenance of the servers and other IT-services, which includes updating them and resolving any issues that occur.

Apart from the standard tasks, the ASO sets up projects that members can work on over a longer period of time. For instance, the last project that has been completed is the creation of a Play Store app for the Alembic enrolment list, which allows members to receive notifications when they can enrol for new Alembic activities.

When you join the ASO, you will receive an explanation of the IT of Alembic during the first meeting. The committee holds meetings every two weeks and also schedules a working moment every month, where the members can work on small and big projects in the Alembic rooms.

All in all, if you want to gain experience with IT and work on projects with fellow Alembic members, then you should definitely join the ASO!