Logistics – Friso Nieuwenhuijse

Logistics - Friso Nieuwenhuijse

Hey future First-Years, 

I hope that when you are reading this you are doing well and that hopefully, you’ve had a wonderful summer. Your high school years are now behind you and it is time to start a new chapter of your life. This chapter will start with an eight-day event that is described by many as the best time of the year: The Kick-In! You will meet a lot of new people and will make bonds that last a lifetime.

I myself have experienced the Kick-In both years as an unforgettable time. Once like you as a “Kiddo” and once as a do-group parent.

So who am I? First the basic stuff. I am 21 years old and come from a town called Bilthoven, near Utrecht. I am the oldest of five kids. I have two brothers and two sisters, which is a lot, but that means that it is also a lot of fun most of the time. I currently live in the beautiful city Enschede, just five minutes by bike from the campus. Furthermore, I am a really sporty guy who is quite competitive. I play lacrosse for the adult national team and the U20 national team. I also play for a team in my hometown Utrecht, so I travel twice a week just for practice. I know, I am a crazy guy. 

Logistics - Friso Nieuwenhuijse

This year I have the pleasure to organize the Faculty Kick-In together with the rest of the KIKSTart. We will make sure that you have an awesome Kick-In! My job in reaching this goal is the function of “Logistics”. It is my job to make sure that all the right locations are booked at the right times and making sure that everything logistics wise goes as smoothly as possible. I hope to see you all on the 19th of August!


Friso Nieuwenhuijse
KIKSTart 2020