Hello everybody! 

We are the do-group UnSTable, containing Bryce, Japie (Daan), Joris, Leonard, Lotte and Yori!! 

Our group became friends while being part of the same do-group in the previous Kick-In, and we’ve now decided to return as the best do-group around. 

From left Lotte, Japie (Daan), Leonard, Yori, Joris and Bryce

This year we want to create the same experience for you by being a fun and active group. This Kick-In we would like to join most of the activities and demonstrate what the study association Alembic of Chemical Science and Engineering and the study as a whole can offer you. We will join parties, drinks, sporty activities and CSE-related games.

Although the Kick-In is very busy and lively in itself, we want to give you the opportunity to join all activities as well as to give ourselves a well-deserved rest from time to time. This way we will have many choices on deciding what we do, while still having free time to spend with each other to get to know your fellow students.

Our main goal is to give everyone the best introduction to the university lifestyle in one of the greatest days you will have during your study. We hope to see you soon in this unique Kick-In and we wish you a warm welcome to UnSTable!

Lotte, Bryce, Japie, Joris, Yori and Leonard

UnSTable became more stable by given the following categories some points:
  • Partying:

  • Day-activities:

  • Sporty:

  • Culture:

  • Free choice:

  • Games: