Total Borons

Total Borons

Hi, future kiddo’s! 

We are Total Borons, an active do-group with very enthusiastic parents. We would like to provide you with the best time ever by enjoying every day from start to finish. 

Total Borons
From left Max (top), Lara (bottom), Laura, Lieke and Merijn

We have five “knettergekke” do-group parents. Our main do-group parents are Lara,  the youngest of us all, and Lieke, who is actually useful. The other parents are Max, who is the most irresponsible, Merijn, who tests gravity quite often, and last but not least Laura, the biggest smoking fan of Paul de Leeuw. Together we form a close group and we would like you to join us! 

Overall, we will try to participate in all activities during the day and night, for as far as this is possible. This means you don’t have to miss out on anything you want to do. One of the parents will always be present. If you don’t want to join an activity this is of course possible. Our goal is to show you around the campus/city and introduce you to the students’ life.  

We hope you will join our “knettergekke” do-group TOTAL BORONS, so we can give you an amazing Kick-In experience!

See ya! 

Lieke, Lara, Merijn, Max and Laura


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