Dear kiddo,

Are you thrilled to find out about student life in Enschede? Do you want to get taken to the most amazing activities? Then Refined might be the do-group for you! Refined is led by six students who have taken a year off studying to do a board year at the study association of Chemical Science and Engineering, which is C.T.S.G. Alembic.

Jurrie, Tim B., Jeannet, Jeanine, Jelle and Tim S.

The study association is the place where CSE students gather to socialize, study and do activism. Because of this, we are very active in Enschede’s vibrant student life. As a kiddo of Refined, you will get to know a lot about studying in Enschede, as our do-group will go to many fun activities and parties during the Kick-In.

So, do you want to get to know all the ins and outs of the students’ life in Enschede and have a fun time? Then join our do-group!

With Glorious Greetings,

Jeanine, Jeannet, Tim, Jelle, Jurrie and Tim.


Refined has given certain points to some of the next categories:

  • Partying:

  • Day-activities:

  • Sporty:

  • Culture:

  • Free choice:

  • Games: