Elements of Awesomeness

Elements of Awesomeness


Are you ready to participate in the most awesome do-group of the Kick-In? If you do not only want to have a lot of fun, but also a good introduction with a group in which you can make friendships that will last forever, you are in the right place.

Elements of Awesomeness
From left Pepijn (bottom), Charlotte, Esthefany, Morten (no do-group parent) and Gabriela

Our main parents are Gabriela and Charlotte, we’re from Brazil and the Netherlands. Don’t be afraid of languages as there are 4 languages spoken in our group. Our main language will be English but also Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish are spoken.

We want to hang out until late at night and have lots of fun. If you are someone that is awesome, you could be one of the people to join our do-group.

You can expect from us nice activities and games and also free time to choose what you want to do. We don’t need to always be active, from time to time we can just relax for a bit and enjoy some ice-cream and the good weather. Unfortunately, there probably won’t be any parties due to the current situation, but we’ll make sure to hang out till late enough for you to still need some aspirin and lots of coffee to get through the following day. 😉 

Do you like the idea of being part of our do-group then join the Elements of Awesomeness!

We hope to see you during the Kick-In!

Gabriela, Charlotte, Esthefany and Pepijn


Elements of Awesomeness gives the following awesome ranking for the categories:

  • Partying:

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  • Sporty:

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  • Free choice:

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