Dear future Kiddo,

We are Aurum and our do-group has one main goal, provide the most stunning Kick-In you can imagine. Our name finds its origins in gold since that is the only thing we are aiming for.

From left Joep, Casper, Jochem, Kevin (top), Maarten (bottom), Vera and Daan

We have the honour to have 7 astonishing parents; namely, Vera, a brunette with blonde moments, Jochem, Audentiaan and prince pilsner, Maarten, who murders you relentlessly with his terrible puns without any regret, Kevin, whose brain cells probably still ache, Daan, king crafts beer, Casper, who beats you in Lingo every single time and last but not least, Joep, Weizen lover and the feut writing this piece of text in his own spare time.

All of us are active within Alembic, the study association of Chemical Science and Engineering, with which we will probably bother you a lot.

Furthermore, there is one thing we love more than our ECs and that is enjoying every night out. During the introduction period, we will try to be as active as possible in order to give you the best Kick-In experience.

In short, during these unforgettable days of meeting new people and entertainment, we shall show and tell you as much as we can about the students’ life in Enschede. So if you want an introduction period of activities, fun and parties, you know who to join. YA GET MEEEE!

See you soon!

Best regards on behalf of Aurum,

Vera, Jochem, Maarten, Kevin, Daan, Casper & Joep!
‘Imus Pro Auro’

Aurum has decided to give their do-group the following amount per category:
  • Partying:

  • Day-activities:

  • Sporty:

  • Culture:

  • Free choice:

  • Games: