Chairman – Maarten de Groot

Chairman - Maarten de Groot

Dear future Chemical Science and Engineering students,

We are looking forward to meeting you coming August during the Kick-In, the best start of your student life you can wish for. You will meet new friends, encounter all sorts of new things and make countless new memories. We as the KIKSTart will do our best to make your introduction to the University and Enschede as awesome as possible and make sure you are fully prepared to take on the years to come.

About me, my name is Maarten de Groot, 21 years old and I grew up in a village in Noord-Brabant called Uden. After living there all my life I switched from the south to the amazing Twente where I now live on the beautiful campus the university has to offer. After studying Applied Physics for a year, I am currently in my second year of Chemical Science and Engineering. Besides being an active member of the association for chemical students, Alembic, I am also very active in the volleyball association of the university.  I have joined the Kick-In myself three times already and can’t get enough of it. We will try our best to make your 8-day introduction as amazing as it has been to me every single time.

Chairman - Maarten de Groot

We as the KIKSTart are responsible for the do-groups all new students will be divided in, which have proven to result in very close groups and friendships that will last for at least the remainder of your study time. Even more important, we organize the Faculty Kick-In: Three days which are fully focused on getting to know all your fellow students, the study and its association. As the chairman of the KIKSTart  I am the leader of the pack. I chair the meetings, meet with other parties important for your Kick-In, make sure everything is organized to the last detail and the work is divided evenly over all six committee members.

If you enrol for the introduction period, we will make sure you start your study in the best possible way and see you on the 19th of August. 

Glorious regards,

Maarten de Groot
KIKSTart 2020