About us

About us

Dear/Hi future Chemical Engineers!

We are the KIKSTart of the year 2020. It is our job to organize the Faculty Kick-In. We all are third-year students in Chemical Science and Engineering. Two years ago we all decided to embark on the same journey that you are about to start. That is where we initially met each other and had a great time. With great pleasure, we will organize the faculty Kick-In, and we hope that you will enjoy the Kick-In just as much as we did. Underneath you can find personal introductions of each of the members of the KIKSTart.

When you see us during the Kick-In, don’t hesitate to come and say hi.


The KIKSTart 2020 

Chairman:                Maarten de Groot
Secretary:                Jarno Sweers
Treasurer:                Niels Loman
External Affairs:     Jacob Franssen
Logistics:                 Friso Nieuwenhuijse
Quizmaster:            Gerard Groot Obbink