Board update [29th of September 2020]

Board update [29th of September 2020]

57th Board

The board has a sad announcement, event management has a new policy since last press conference in which all drinks for the next 3 weeks are cancelled. We will keep in close contact with the borrelboard and event management to keep up-to-date information about what we can and cannot do. Keep distance in the homebase and sit only at places with a sticker. Stay safe and healthy!

Chairman – Gerard Groot Obbink

A month has almost passed since the beginning of the college year. Last week we had our constitution drink at Update it was amazing to see that many members! Since the first few weeks have passed, I am planning to do the first personal evaluations. Looking back on how my board thinks these weeks were.


Secretary – Niels Loman

Last weeks, I have been busy with the planning and invitations of the Election Moment for the GMA committees. Furthermore, Salsa, the member administration system, is now fully up to date and most of the new members have activated their Alembic account. The contact with the Student Union about SUN, an upcoming member administration system, has been started up again and the testing phase will start soon with a small group of active members. Furthermore, I have received 11 brass letters the day after the constitution drink for which I will plan activities with our brother associations.

Treasurer – Jordi Boon

The last two weeks I have been busy with organizing the constitution drink together with Maarten to make sure that this magnificent party could occur safely. Furthermore, I have paid off declaration and invoices.


Commissioner of External Affairs – Friso Nieuwenhuijse

The past two weeks I went to ExxonMobil in Rotterdam to negotiate possible activities for this year. I also had an activities agreement meeting with Shell in which multiple activities were planned for later on in the year. Besides that, I mailed multiple companies to discuss the possibility of working together.

Commissioner of Educational Affairs – Jarno Sweers

These two weeks I have been busy searching for new student members of the OLC. Furthermore, the exam bank of Alembic has grown with new exams. Summaries and formula sheets can also be handed in for a free beer at a drink of Alembic. Lastly, I made a division of pieces for the new CaT with the CaT editors. I hope you are looking forward to a new edition.

Commissioner of Internal Affairs – Maarten de Groot

After a successful committee interest market, with a well-visited first VriMiBo of the year, the new committees have been formed last week. I have also been active in getting new members for the BACo and went to ExxonMobil together with Friso. Besides this, I have made great steps with all the different mailing accounts of Alembic. Last but not least we had an amazing constitution drink from which I can’t say that it was unforgettable.