Board update [10th of September 2020]

Board update [10th of September 2020]

Chairman – Gerard Groot Obbink

We started this year full of energy. The first two weeks are already full working days. At the moment I am working on finding out what is possible in the new alembic rooms. As a TAP board I am also working on making the TAP corona proof so that we can start drinking in our familiar place again.

Secretary – Niels Loman

Last weeks I have been busy with signing up the new members of Alembic, they all received the welcome mail with all information about Alembic. Furthermore, I have been busy with the GMA of September 8th and the Constitution Drink invitations. Lastly, we went to colleges of first-year students to bring coffee and tea, next week we will lunch with all do-groups to get to know them better.

Treasurer – Jordi Boon

In the last week, I have been making sure that you can acquire snacks in the boardroom. Furthermore, I finished the budget plan for the upcoming year which has been hammered in. To celebrate our charging as a board I bought two cakes with a sneak preview of our board photos printed on them. Lastly, I fixed the landline phone of Alembic, so we can receive calls again.

Commissioner of External Affairs – Friso Nieuwenhuijse

This week and last week, I have mailed with several companies to discuss the current contracts and the possibilities of new collaborations. I also made an appointment to go to ExxonMobil together with Newton. I have also made several appointments with companies to call and discuss possible collaborations. Furthermore, I have had a meeting with the COCo members who all started to contact their companies and were thus far very active in contacting them, which I really appreciate! I also had a meeting with people of the Business Days to discuss what we can expect from them and what we can do for them. We also visited the first-years colleges to bring coffee and tea.

Commissioner of Educational Affairs – Jarno Sweers

During these two weeks, I have been working on the peer programme, previously known as the mentor programme. Next to this, I have spent some time already at meetings with the EduCo for Study Nights and ASO for the servers. In the first week, I discussed with other Educational Officers the current situation regarding education at the university. Lastly, we are creating a promotional video for Alembic, hosting the board members and some other people.

Commissioner of Internal Affairs – Maarten de Groot

Even though we have been an official board for just one day, I still had enough to do to keep myself busy in the last two weeks. As Internal Affairs I have been quite busy with getting the new chairmen ready to start their year and of course I have put a lot of effort into the committee market of next week. Furthermore, there was still enough to do to finish the new association rooms. More recently I have been very busy with the Constitution Drink of the 22nd.