Board update

Board update

During the period the association is closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak we would like to inform our members what the board is doing. We decided to keep everyone up to date by placing board updates on the website! 

The candidate 57th board is also placing updates on the website! If you want to find out more click here!


Board update 17-6-2020

Hello everyone,

The 56th board wants to give everyone an update on what we are currently doing during the coronacrisis. First of all, as of this week the board has started packing our inventory for the big movement to Carre! By the first of July all our equipment will be brought to the new association rooms. If you want to know how the movement went, you can look forward to the last edition of the CaT 😉 

Furthermore the board has been very busy with settling in the candidate 57th board. This has been more challenging than usual since everything had to be done online, but we are happy with the results. We are also updating the board continuity documents so our successors have a steady supply of information they can use throughout their board year.

As you might know we are working on changing our member administration system to SUN. Progress has been made on this system and it is almost ready to be tested as our new system. Because we are very careful with the privacy of our member data we want to make sure that there are not any violations in this new system.

Since the university closed down, we have been trying to organize activities online so our members feel connected to Alembic even though they can not be in the association rooms. We are looking into the opening of the university in September and what this will mean for the association rooms and the organization of activities. The board is actively involved in the decision-making of the university.

As a final notice, since the year is coming to an end, the board would really like to organize a final activity with our members. Therefore we are aiming for organizing an activity on the last Friday of this study year! We hope to give more information about this activity very soon.

Save the date!

Kind regards,

The 56th board of C.T.S.G. Alembic