The BorrelCie is the committee of Alembic which organises all Alembic activities held in the TAP on the fifth floor of Carré. This includes the VriMiBos ones every three weeks, the drinks on Thursday every two weeks, graduation drinks and special events. The BorrelCie also organises an Oktoberfest and a beer tasting every other year.

At this moment, the Borrelcie consists of 17 members, 3 of which form the ‘Borrelbestuur’. The Borrelbestuur runs the committee for an entire year and is the contact point for all TAP-related activities of Alembic.

Do you want to organise a (graduation) drink or another event in or outside the TAP, then mail to the e-mail address down below for the attention of the Planning. 

Every six months (in March and November), members of Alembic can attempt to become a member of the BorrelCie. This is done by coming to the ‘Meet & Greet’, a night where you can get to know the current members of the Borrelcie and they can get to know you. After this the Borrelcie will vote who will get the honour to tap Grolsch. At the Duvel-op drink the new members can present their abilities and some old members will leave the committee.

The current Borrelbestuur consists of the following persons:

17th Borrelbestuur– 2023/2024

  • Djurre Reitsma – Borrelcommissaris
  • Aron Hamming – Treasurer
  • Casper van Dongen – Planning 

Click here for the list of the previous Borrelbesturen.

The current BorrelCie consists of the following members, ordered from oldest to youngest levy:

  • Gerard Groot Obbink
  • Jordi Boon
  • Jurrie Bruggeman
  • Niels Loman
  • Casper van Dongen
  • Daan Lankveld
  • Kevin Smeele
  • Maarten de Groot
  • Ruud Bonekamp
  • Aron Hamming
  • Bjorn Siersema
  • Djurre Reitsma
  • Melle Fopma
  • Evan van der Geer
  • Lars Elstrodt
  • Sjoerd Nies
  • Ramon Kroes
  • Laura van der Gaag
  • Rens van der Waal
  • Thomas Kool
Board contact person: Marieke Lubbers